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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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do, supplementing whenever necessary. >> i wanted to mention that i know that this hearing has lasted longer than expected. i think that supervisor avalos and dufty have to leave, so i will assign myself to this committee for the purposes of maintaining forum. >> so that we can move on to other questions might have, i think you alluded to the fact that we were utilizing the media. i think we have a fairly robust program where we utilize the radio, television, and the internet. we have been putting out facts to our customers. the team has also been conducting weekly customer service conference calls with mtc personnel where we identify issues and solutions, attaching those issues to the solutions.
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that concludes my presentation. we have a full complement of staff that can answer questions. supervisor chiu: i have a couple of follow-up questions. talk about the repair and maintenance projects as i have seen them, not being able to expect the cards? >> let me step back and broaden that question. we have had difficulty on two fronts. not so much with variegate targets right now, but our primary focus is on the difficulty within the trolly and the rolling stock. these are older generations that were installed under the previous contractor. they are still good. the technology is still good. however, they have been installed since the spring of 2007. there was a time when fingertip maintenance was being done by the contractor.
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however, that has done -- that has gone by and it is incumbent on the agency to do the maintenance on those pieces of equipment. mtc spoke earlier about assisting s with staff training and using techniques that golden gate had employed to try to get the percentage functioning up on those targets earlier. the fare gate target and infrastructure maintenance, the way it is established right now, we have a one-year contractors warranty and maintenance that is currently being reviewed with extended warranty opportunities. primarily because the operating budget is so constrained right now, it would be difficult for us to focus a hiring campaign on maintainers in a short period of
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time, maintaining that equipment in the opera will fashion. there is the opportunity to extend the maintenance. we simply have not had our final decision with that or got uncomfortable with the numbers yet. in the long run, what the agency intends to do is utilize our staff to maintain the equipment. if we employ an extended maintenance. through the contractor, we intend to, throughout the normal hiring process, those that we are bringing on board and training emphasizes the contractor learning the system so that at that point when the maintenance time is over, we can supervisor chiu: take overchiu these talk -- over. supervisor chiu: these talk about the operation and
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maintenance of these copper cards for the historical vehicles in the city. >> i would like to defer to greater green power on that. supervisor chiu: it is very confusing right now, especially for regular cable car writers. >> cable cars can be incorporated when we have a device that can read the card on the cable card. they are historical vehicles, so the opportunities to put the cart on their was unavailable. they are looking for a next- generation of hand-held readers, which in addition to the ability to read the card, can actually debit from the card, so that in addition to supporting the monthly passes we can deduct them from the reader and introduce products like our passports, which are currently not available as well. it is a part of the plan but it will be delivered and i guess
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that mtc can talk about supervisor chiu: reschedulingchiu -- can talk about that. supervisor chiu: will that be rescheduled for november 1? >> since it is a changeover from the ticket their fire, it looks like it will probably be august through october of next year, if we can get everything in place. if i could step back to give you some groundwork, the cable cars were going to be the last element of the infrastructure that was dealt with for the clipper system. primarily because they did not have electrical systems that would support a fixed card reader. a fixed target. at the time, the original contractor had a hand held components that fair inspectors use. those were read-only, not read-
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write. you need a handheld component machine that can write and deduct fares. which is part of the change that they're working through to develop right now. supervisor chiu: if i am currently a pass holder and a ship to a clipper card, what happens to that passenger? >> they will be able to flash their card until such time as we can set policies in place that make the use of a card easier. supervisor chiu: ok. great, thank you. any other representatives that wish to present? should we proceed to cut -- proceed to public comment? >> we are ready for public comment. supervisor chiu: i look forward to working with you moving forward on these. supervisor chu: let's item --
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opened this item up for public comment. are there any members of the public that we should -- wish to speak -- wish to speak on this item number nine? >> walter paulson. ♪ on a stormy sea we talked about confusion for the motion in the ocean with me hoping that it works out like it should and hoping that we all work out something fine and that mean will work with every line. carry on with muni, which is good. it will work out like it should. please do not cry any more. we are just clipper ships from the muni that pass at night time and i want to hit a high high where we need to bride so that we can work out what is
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great for everyone, like a clipper ship, a ship that likes to pass at nighttime, we are simply ships that pass at i working on this. i had a quick last question for the mtc.
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are there resources that will be provided to the mta to help us implement this? these talk about the support you are providing on that level. >> it does give me an opportunity to follow up on leadership and those things. muni is the leader on this but the mtc is fully behind it. our commission has had its troubles. this has been a tumultuous task. but the commission is so behind this and we want to make sure that our resources make this a success. certainly as far as that transition, we had a great meeting last week. strategy's were in place to supplement what they saw as gaps in support. things that were just ideas on monday, friday be finely worked
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out contract approaches. we are continuing to work with them to read out by the particulars of the question. do we have sufficient support for limited english proficiency? we will be looking at those strategies to make sure that they're used in the most appropriate way. subsequent impasses in the fall and spring, those are still in the works and we recognize that they will probably require equal amounts of support. we do fully expect that we will be their support and the mta on this. supervisor chiu: from the perspective of many of us on the board, i think we are rooting for various agencies to be very effective in their hassle free implementation. whenever my office can do to be helpful, we look forward. i would like to ask that we can continue this item at the call of the chair in case we would
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like folks to come back to discuss issues down . supervisor chu: thank you to the department's for coming to present. since supervisor chiu: is now part of the commerce committee, we have quorum to take that action and continue the meeting. let's go ahead and continue this item to the call of the chair. without objection. ok, are there any other items? >> supervisor chu: nochu ok, -- >> no. supervisor chu: ok, we are adjourned. thank you.
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administer fines. if you look at the record of the director it is only in rare cases that we have done so. there is an issue that this creates new rules on bedbugs. in 2005 the board asks for rules and regulations on bedbugs. this ordinance does not change any of those rules made in 2006. for decades, people have been responsible, responsible parties have been out to maintain their buildings and dwellings free of
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noxious in sex. including bedbugs. these rules from 2006 crete -- clarify this and create a responsibility for property owners and tenants. it is important to note that this ordinance changes the definition of a responsible party consistent with practice, changing it from making any person potentially responsible for the cause of the nuisance. we recognize that things are not in the property owner's control. in our practice we have always tried to share the responsibility fairly the lungs -- amongst responsible parties. this would not change any of that. the change in the authority would authorize us to do something that we were not officially authorized to do before.
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i want to make the point, finally, that this will not -- people i've raised concerns that this will create new opportunities for litigation. right now the only recourse is litigation. wherever we had other administrative compliance tools, we have less reliance on the courts. i really want to quickly go through the other tools that you, the board, have given us for other issues. for the very difficult issue of smoking in common areas, we have a $500 per day potential violation of import -- enforcement. massage establishments, a third violation and potential deficit -- suspension a permit. food business, suspension of permits. tobacco sales, violation resulting in suspension. certainly we do not want to get into the business of spending. but these are the kinds of very
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strong enforcement tools we have for almost every other public health and safety law. we are simply a year asking for parity. these tools will be used judiciously, fairly, and i will be very happy to work with any party in this room to make this work. finally, just the issue of bedbugs, remember, it also calls scabies a public health nuisance. and lice. we recognize that while we have the ability to share the responsibility, figuring out objectively how to do that is a difficult task. i think how to figure out how to share the responsibility and the responsibilities of people for tricky issues like bedbugs is an ongoing conversation as we learn more. this should be an ongoing
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conversation and we are happy to be a part of it. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. please briefly describe the difference between the ordinance now and what is proposed in terms of reporting nuisances, especially those that are prolonged for a long period of time and how the penalties apply in both cases. >> this law applies to any property structure or building in san francisco, public or private. in general, we come about learning about something that a complainant, it could be a neighborhood resident, a tenant, they report a public nuisance. rats running in the street, the sewer. mold in this building. our first line is -- have you talked to the property owner?


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